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    Manage Orders

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    From Orders Menu, click Manage Orders
    This page is where the majority of order processing is done. Here store administrators can view new/old orders, capture payment, handle shipping, etc. The various areas of the page are broken down and explained below, but the following sections of the manual also have bearing on these functions, and should be read through:


    When the page first loads, the Matching Orders section will display orders taken on the store. The Filter section at the top of the page allow store administrators to refine the list of visible orders based on the parameters they're interested in.

    Adjust the filters as needed, and click Apply Filter to refresh the Matching Orders list.


    Order Details

    In the Matching Orders section, click an Order Number to view the order details.

    To view a copy of the receipt the customer received, click View Receipt at the top of the page. Note that many browser have pop-ups disabled so if your receipt does not display on a new tab, check your browser for blocked pop-ups and allow them for the site.
    NOTE: Once an order has been edited (order totals adjusted, items changed, etc) the receipt email can no longer be resent.  Generally-accepted accounting/ERP rules are that the receipt is always meant to represent the state of the original order, so it should never change from the original state.  Notifying the customer of any changes made would need to be done separately, such as in a new order or direct email.

    In the default view on this page, each order is broken into 8 sections with detailed information on various parts of the order. The sections and the information on each them is explained briefly below. See here for more information on processing orders. 

    Order Details / Customer Details

    This tab contains the basic customer and order information for the order being reviewed. Store administrators can use the Customer E-Mail field to update the email address recorded on the order if necessary.

    Billing Address / Shipping Address

    This section contains the billing and shipping addresses as entered by the customer when placing the order. 

    Product Details

    This section lists the product ID, SKU, Name, Size/Color (if applicable) and quantity ordered.

    Delivery Details

    The Delivery Details section shows the full details of shipping for the current order. Store administrators can update shipping tracking detail and send a shipment notification to the customer from this page by clicking Mark As Shipped

    Payment Details

    This section contains the full payment information for the order in question. If credit card information is being stored, this is the only place that the full credit card number will show. 

    Promotion Usage

    If a Promotion was used on the order, details of the promotion will be displayed in this section.


    This section allows admins/CSRs to make notes about the order and/or customer. Some of these notes are visible to the customer and some are not, each box is labeled to indicate which is which. 

    Debug Details

    This section contains technical information about the order. This includes the XML that was generated for the order - pricing, shipping, taxes, etc. This information is rarely necessary for store administrators, but can be useful in troubleshooting issues that arise with specific orders. You can also view the Transaction Command detail and RT Shipping Info (if using Real-time Rates) here.

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