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    Import/Export Shipping Info

    From the Orders menu, click Manage Carrier Tracking.

    The Manage Carrier Tracking page in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console allows store administrators to view, export and import tracking numbers entered on store Orders.


    To export Tracking Numbers and pertinent shipping data, filter the orders you desire to export (all filtered results will be exported, no need to page them into view), then at the bottom of the page click the Export button. A ShippingExport.csv file will be downloaded to your computer (this is also saved in your site /images folder). The file will list the OrderNumber, ShippedOn date and time (auto-filled with current date/time if blank), Carrier, Tracking number, Ship Method, and full Shipping Address information.



    You can then use the ShippingExport.csv file as a template when importing tracking numbers. Note that only columns A,B,C and D are necessary for the import file.

    Update the ShippedOn, Carrier, and TrackingNumber for each order. Note that the ShippedOn field auto-populates with the Date and Time of the Export. Simply overwrite this with the desired Shipped On Date and Time in the same format as desired.

    Save the .csv file (name as you like), then click Choose File on the Manage Carrier Tracking page in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console. Click the Import button to import the tracking information.  This will also "Mark As Shipped" on the orders with imported data.

    NOTE: If a shipping notification is desired to be sent to the customer when this is performed, set the Configuration - Settings - BulkImportSendsShipmentNotifications to TRUE.

    NOTE: The IMPORT feature is not functional in versions 10.0.0/10.0.1 BUT is fully functional as of version 10.0.2+

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