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    Email Setup

    Your Store needs Email!

    Your store needs email to send receipts, admin new order notices, distributor notifications and password resets. The Forgot Password feature on login pages is visible and available only if your storefront is properly configured to send email.

    Need help getting email hosted for your domain name??

    Vortx is happy to recommend an email service we've known to work well with the cart. Workspace is Google's approach to mail hosting, file sharing and more, using the very familiar email interface many of you know as Gmail. Workspace is capable of hosting small to large business domain email.

    No time to mess around? Sign up for Google's Workspace now.

    Ready to setup email?

    There's more than one way to do it... This article will outline the setup procedures.

    Site Setup Wizard

    In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard and click the Configure Email link.


    Email Setup Wizard

    In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Setup E-mail.

    This page lets you set up and test your email settings to verify that everything is working properly for your outgoing emails. Enter the necessary values and click the test button, and the store will attempt to send outgoing mail. If everything goes well you'll see a message indicating success. If there is a problem, the store will attempt to display any error messages returned by the mail server.

    If you receive an error message from the mail server, you will need to contact whoever maintains that mail server for assistance with correcting your email settings. AspDotNetStorefront cannot advise you on what to change.

    Clicking Send Test saves the entered values to the AspDotNetStorefront Settings (see below).


    Note - there is 'validation' on this page. Once you enter email settings into the required fields, then removing them will cause an error message and your changes will not be saved. Use 'Manual Configuration' to resolve this, if you need to.


    Manual Configuration

    If you prefer to configure email manually, it can be done directly through the Settings . Make sure that all of the GotOrder, ReceiptEmail, and MailMe Settings are configured properly for your email accounts and mail servers. These include:
    • MailMe_Server
    • MailMe_ToAddress
    • MailMe_ToName
    • MailMe_FromAddress
    • MailMe_User
    • MailMe_FromName
    • MailMe_UseSSL (optional)
    • MailMe_Port (optional)
    • MailMe_Pwd
    • GotOrderEmailTo
    • GotOrderEmailFrom
    • GotOrderEmailFromName
    • ReceiptEmailFrom
    • ReceiptEmailFromName

     None of that worked?


    The software uses System.Net.Mail for outgoing emails. This only supports explicit SSL and will fail if your SMTP is set to use SSL on port 465. Please use TLS/STARTTLS on port 587 instead if possible (you still need to set the Mail Server Requires SSL option to Yes.)
    The best way to troubleshoot email issues is to pull up a test order on the Order page and click the Resend Receipt Email button. The software will attempt to send that email, and display any errors encountered on the screen. This will often give an indication of where the issue is. 

    If emails are not being sent, check that there are no AppConfigs that are preventing them from being sent. Some of these are:
    • Recurring.SendShippedEmail
    • Recurring.SendOrderEmailToCustomers
    • BulkImportSendsShipmentNotifications
    • SendOrderEmailToCustomer
    • SendWelcomeEmailToCustomer
    • SendShippedEmailToCustomer
    • TurnOffStoreAdminEmailNotifications
    Free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail often filter out storefront emails, preventing your customers from getting messages you send. Some ways to prevent this are:
    • Using Gmail? Be sure to try these steps!
    • Ensure your domain/IP is not on a blacklist from these mail providers
    • Ensure your emails are being sent from valid email addresses
    • Implement one of the many ways to verify that you are a legitimate sender
    • Sender Policy Framework, Sender ID, DomainKeys, Identified Mail, etc
    • Verify that reverse DNS lookups resolve to your site properly
    • Disable recursion on your server

    AspDotNetStorefront cannot determine if these are necessary for you or provide any assistance with setting them up. Contact your host/IT department for assist with this.

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