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    Setup & Configuration

    Manually setting up your new store can take a lot of time. Efficiency comes with importing and exporting important data such as products and customer information. Import and export add-ons are available to help you speed up the setup and configuration process. 


    A foundational strength of AspDotNetStorefront is the ability to configure it to behave as you prefer. Just imagine the power of being able to configure:

    • What happens when my shoppers add something to the cart?
    • Should my product page display related products? should the relationships be 'learned' by the store? should related products show up in a grid? a table?
    • Do I want to hide a product when it's out of stock? Or display it with a message? What do I want the message to say?
    • Do I want to help my shoppers to estimate the real cost of shipping to their door before they make a commitment?
    • When I sell something as a 'kit', do I want to show, or hide, the base price?
    • When I'm applying quantity discounts - do I want to show the calculations, or just the result?

    In this help console, we endeavor to guide you through the myriad configuration changes you can make, both before launch and while you're growing your success.

    If at any point you're faced with the “Password incorrect” error or you see an authentication error in the Admin Console (when your password is correct) try this process;




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