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    PayPal Express Checkout

    NOTE: For new PayPal accounts, you should consider using PayPal Commerce. The instructions below are only valid in versions prior to 10.0.25

    NOTE: With the latest storefront release (v 10.0.20) there are great changes for PayPal Express:

    • If your cart is already using PayPal Express Checkout (EC), then you’ll automatically get the new experience.
    • The new name for Express Checkout is PayPal Checkout.
    • Venmo will appear on mobile when the shopper has the mobile Venmo app installed.
    • Venmo transactions go through PayPal, so merchants do not have to have a separate Venmo account in order to accept Venmo payments.
    • Merchants who do not currently use EC can sign up for a PayPal account and enable PayPal Checkout just as merchants have always done so – there’s no special sign up process or different configuration settings.

    Once you have followed the steps in the PayPal Account Creation section and have your PayPal account details, to enable PayPal Checkout (Express):

    1. In the admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard.

    2. In the Configure Wallets section, click the configure link to the right of the PayPal Express Checkout entry.

    3. Enter the values you obtained from PayPal for the API Username, API Password, and Signature.

    4. If running version 10.0.0 (this option is not found in version 10.0.1+) then it is required to enable the Use PayPal Express Integrated Checkout option and click Save and Close.

    5. Finally, check the box next to PayPal Express Checkout and then click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page.


    NOTE: The Integrated Checkout option is a lightbox overlay (your site is grayed-out behind it) allowing the customer to login and pay
    through their PayPal account without appearing to leave the site. This is automatically enabled in version 10.0.1 and is required to be enabled in version 10.0.0

    NOTE: Starting in version 10.0.3, it's possible to require phone numbers on PayPal Express orders. To enable this feature, you'll need to 'Require Contact Phone Number' in your Paypal configuration:

    1. Login to PayPal.com
    2. Select Account Settings from your account drop down (your name in upper right)
    3. Click on Website Payments lower left side
    4. Click Update for Website Preferences
    5. Scroll to "Contact number" and set it to be On (required field)

    NOTE: For Venmo to work, there are a few considerations the customer needs to understand. Vortx recommends that store owners create a "Venmo" Topic page and place a link in the template footer to it. It would also be useful to place additional linked text on checkout above the PayPal button group, which can be done in the admin by adding to the Content - Manage Prompts - checkout.continueshoppingtext prompt, for example:

    or <a href="{0}">continue shopping</a> <br /><strong><a href="/t-venmo.aspx">Looking for Venmo?</a></strong>

    For Modern URL format sites, use this example:

    or <a href="{0}">continue shopping</a> <br /><strong><a href="/topic/venmo">Looking for Venmo?</a></strong>

    Venmo Topic contents should look like the following (you can copy/paste everything below into your newly created Venmo Topic on the Design tab):

    -----------------------------------Copy/Paste Below-----------------------------------

    Mobile users with Venmo can now see a new button for them at checkout:

    1. Venmo:
      1. Venmo is not supported on desktop
      2. In order for shoppers to see the Venmo button (shown above), the *shopper* must:
        1. Have the Venmo mobile app installed on the device.
        2. Must have the latest version of the app.
        3. Follow the proper setup steps for Venmo (Opt in)  Venmo - Getting Started
        4. If you are still not seeing the Venmo button, be sure to review the section in the page above “I am not seeing the Venmo option after opting-in!”
      3. Shoppers do NOT need to have the PayPal mobile app installed. It’s fine if you do, but it is not required to use Venmo to pay through checkout.

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