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    Create New Order

    The Create Order page allows store administrators to create orders for their customers without needing the customer's login credentials. This can be handy for customers who don't wish to register, for large sites that use CSRs to place orders over the phone, and for catalog-only sites.

    From the Orders Menu, click Create New Order.

    To place an order, first find the customer account using the filter, or click the Create Contact button to register a new account. Use the "Impersonate Customer" button on the right.



    Once you've selected a customer or created a new customer account to use, a courtesy message appears:



    Click OK to continue.


    The browser window in which you had been working will 'flip' to the shopper side of your store. Notice in the header that you are logged in as the shopper you chose. You have been seamlessly logged out of your administrator account and have now assumed the identity of the shopper you selected.


    NOTE: On occasion the site will need to re-validate your Admin login before signing in as the Customer. You will know this has occurred when you are taken to the Login page instead of the Home page. Simply login as your admin account, then check the customer Account page to verify that the customer account is now logged in.

    Carry out the shopping process, just as your shopper would have done. Add as many things as you need, then checkout.


    When you choose to checkout, you will find that your checkout dashboard is completed with your shopper's details. If you have payment details, then go ahead and complete the transaction. Otherwise, contact your shopper and let him or her know that the cart is ready for checkout.




     When you have finished impersonation, logout and then log back in to your admin console.


    Note that the admin console does not in any way enable you to edit existing orders.

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