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    Payment Methods

    To sell successfully online, every storeowner must know the demographic make-up of their shoppers and offer appropriate payment methods. A store that sells to 'frequent-buyer' wholesale customers will typically offer Purchase Orders, COD , checks and credit cards. A store that sells consumer goods to first-time retail shoppers will consider credit terms like PayPal Credit, as well as 'wallet' offerings like PayPal Express Checkout and Amazon Payments.


    To enable one or more payment methods, navigate to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard in the admin console and check the boxes next to the method(s) you wish to allow customers to use. 

    Credit Card

    This payment method allows customers to enter their credit card information and pay without leaving your site. This is the most common payment method, and is usually the simplest to manage as most of the work is done by the payment gateway. 


    Some storeowners prefer to use an 'embedded' payment gateway, where the transaction is not actually being handled by the store itself. AspDotNetStorefront v10 offers PayPal Payments Advanced and Braintree - both are using 'embedded' gateway payments.


    PayPal Express Checkout

    PayPal Express is delivered with an option to run in an integrated form, leaving the shopper on your storefront. A storeowner can turn off the integrated method, in which case the action takes customers away from the store to pay through their PayPal account . Funds are transferred directly to your own PayPal account. This option is probably the world's single most popular payment method. See herefor more information on PayPal's services and setting them up in the store.


    Use PayPal Express Checkout to streamline checkout, decrease shopping cart abandonment and boost sales by opening the door to over 90 million active PayPal users who look for and trust this fast, easy secure way to pay. See here to sign up quickly and easily for PayPal Express Checkout. 

    PayPal Payments Advanced

    AspDotNetStorefront v10 supports PayPal Payments Advanced. This service allows customers to pay using either a credit card or their PayPal account without leaving your site. Payment information is entered in a form hosted by PayPal and embedded on your checkout page. Your site never touches payment information, which simplifies PCI compliance, and your customers are able to use their PayPal accounts to pay without the extra steps of paying through another site.

    Click here for more information regarding PayPal Payments Advanced.


    AspDotNetStorefront v10 implements the Braintree payment gateway in an embedded form that limits the storeowners PCI responsibility. Braintree incorporates PayPal Express as part of the implementation, and is strong as a global payment provider.

    Amazon Payments

    Amazon Payments (often known as LPA ... Login and Pay with Amazon) is a payment method that combines your site's normal checkout process with Amazon's secure payment information collection and verification. Customers initiate checkout on your site, and choose from your site's normal shipping methods on-site, but credit card information is entered on Amazon's site through a separate window that opens 'on top of' the store site. See this page for details on enabling this payment method.

    Request for Quotes

    This method does not actually collect any payment information from customers. Store admins will be notified of the new order, and must then provide the customer with quote/pricing information (generally through email, though this can be handled however is desired as it is done outside of the software) for the products that were 'ordered'. 

    Purchase Orders

    Purchase orders are often used for government agencies or large businesses. Rather than paying directly through your site, they will request that you send them a PO, and they'll send the payment back however you work out. Most of the order processing is handled outside of the software. 


    Checks are very rarely used for online transactions, but they can be enabled if desired. Note that if you decide to use this method, you need to make sure that the address to send payment to is prominently displayed on your site and the receipt. 


    With Cash on Delivery orders, products/services are paid for in full with cash or certified check immediately at the time of delivery, or when they are received by the buyer. As with checks and purchase orders, most of the order handling is done outside of the software.


    Micropayments are pre-paid accounts that work only on your store site, similar to phonecards or giftcards. A customer can put in an initial amount and when it is used up, add more to it. Micropayments also save in merchant transaction fees by cutting down the number of transactions, since only adding funds to the micropay account requires running a live transaction through a gateway - all other micropay transactions stay on your site. See here for more information on using MicroPay.

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