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    PayPal Payments Advanced

    PayPal Payments Advanced allows customers to pay using either a credit card or their PayPal account on a secure hosted page. Your site never touches payment information, which simplifies PCI compliance.

    This service is available for US and Canadian merchants. Click here for more information regarding PayPal Payments Advanced.

    Sign up for PayPal Payments Advanced


    Before you can configure the storefront to use this new payment method, you’ll need to create an account for it. This can be done by contacting PayPal directly at 1-866-784-3640. 

    Setting up PayPal Payments Advanced in PayPal Manager

    Below are examples of typical setup, which should only require a few changes. Please consult with a knowledgeable PayPal Payments Advanced support technician for details.


    The important items are:
    1. Enter your storefront primary domain for the Cancel, Error and Return URL fields.
    2. Set Use Silent Post - YES and https://www.yourdomain.com/paypalembeddedcheckoutok.aspx
    3. Set Enable Secure Token - YES
    4. Select Layout A in the Hosted Checkout Pages - Customize menu (Layout A is the only supported Layout option.)
    NOTE: Be sure to set the Transaction Process Mode appropriately for your site for either TEST mode (run test transactions) or LIVE (process real transactions).
    NOTE: Billing and Shipping information is not transferred from the cart to the PayPal transactions so if you need to collect that data in your PayPal transactions, be sure to select Billing and Shipping options similar to the image above. If you do not need the data in your PayPal transactions (it is collected in your storefront) then it is recommended to leave only the CSC field checked and required.

    Enabling PayPal Payments Advanced in your storefront

    To turn on this feature, simply follow these steps:

    1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard.
    2. In the Payment Processing Solutions section, click the configure link next to PayPal Payments Advanced.
    3. Enter the values you obtained when you created your PayPal account for Partner, Merchant Login, User, and Password.
    4. Click Save and Close.
    5. Select the radio button next to PayPal Payments Advanced.
    6. Finally, ensure that the radio button next to Credit Card is NOT checked as the PayPal Payments Advanced creates its own Credit Card button on checkout (though you will still need to verify the settings in the configure menu for the Credit Card payment method) and then click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page.

    Enabling PayPal Express

    1. In your PayPal account, setup the PayPal Express Checkout section. If it does not appear within your setup, get an account set up with PayPal using the same business id email as your PayPal Advanced account.
    2. In the AspDotNetStorefront Site Setup Wizard, configure the PayPal Express with the credentials you obtain from PayPal for your PayPal Express checkout.

    Checking out with PayPal Payments Advanced

    To pay through this payment method, customers add to the cart and go through the checkout process normally. On the final payment step on the all-in-one checkout page, once the Paying With: Credit Card option has been selected, the Place Order button will change to Continue to Payment. Clicking the Continue to Payment button will take the customers to your layout A hosted page where they enter their payment information (or use the PayPal Express options). Once payment is completed the customer is directed to your normal order confirmation page on your site.


    • See the document here for a list of PayPal's error messages and what can be done if they're encountered on your site.
    • Turning on any PayPal PayFlow product (PayFlowPro, PayPal Payments Advanced, etc) also enables PayPal Express.
    • PayPal Express and Advanced options now include the PayPal Credit feature. Navigate to Configuration > Promote PayPal Credit in your admin console to configure ad banners, and display/hide the PayPal Credit button on your checkout page with the Configuration > Settings >PayPal.Express.ShowPayPalCreditButton .

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