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    Gmail / G Suite Email Setup

    Gmail is a popular free email service that is easy to setup:

    Set the following values on the Configuration > Setup E-mail page:

    Mail Server DNS: smtp.gmail.com
    Mail Server Username: yourgmailaddress@gmail.com
    Mail Server Password: [Your Gmail Password OR the App password created for 2-Step verification]
    Mail Server TCP Port: 587
    Mail Server Requires SSL: Yes
    Receipt Email sends from (Email Address): sales@yourdomain.com
    Receipt Email sends from (Name): Your Company Name
    New Order Notifications send to (EMail Address): sales@yourdomain.com
    New Order Notifications send to (Name): Your Company Name
    New Order Notifications send from (EMail Address): sales@yourdomain.com
    New Order Notifications send from (Name): Your Company Name

    IMPORTANT: With Gmail, you also need to make sure that the site is allowed to send email through the Google account, by following these steps:

    1) Log in to your Google account

    2) Go to the left menu "Security"

    3) Under the section "Signing in to Google", verify if your "2-Step Verification" is enabled  (ON or OFF)

    • If your 2-Step Verification is enabled (ON), then you will need to create an App password ("App passwords" in "Signing in to Google") and use that in your Mail Server Password (optional): field in the site Setup E-Mail. Use "Other (Custom name)" for the "Select app" and enter what you like (the "Select device" is not needed). You will then Generate a random password that you Copy/Paste into your password field of the site Configuration - Setup E-Mail field. For direct Configuration - Settings entry, it is the setting: MailMe_Pwd which may be necessary to do if setting up a multi-store (MoreStore) storefront.

    • If your 2-Step Verification is NOT enabled (OFF), then you will need to scroll down on the "Security" page to the "Less secure app access" option, and click "Turn on access (not recommended)", and set it to ON . You can then use the password for your Gmail account in your Setup E-Mail.

    NOTE: We highly recommend using the setup for 2-Step Verification ON

    Still need help getting email?

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