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    Easy Admin

    Easy Admin


    Since late 2014, AspDotNetStorefront has delivered a back-office administrative console that is carefully architected to make life easier for a thriving store.


    Highlights of the 'easy admin' console are:


    1) "Filter and Find"


    It is a challenge for a busy storefront administrator to find the right product to edit ... or the right order to process ... or the right promotion to expire ... or the right distributor ...


    Therefore AspDotNetStorefront implemented 'filter and find'. Over 50 elements within storefront offer their own filter system, allowing the administrator to quickly and easily see a list of matching results and drill into the right one.







    2) Bulk Operations


    If you have a large number of prices to change, or dimensions to add, or tracking numbers to upload, you'll be glad of the bulk operation pages.







    3) One page orders


    A single order now fits neatly onto a single page, with a thoughtful layout in easy-to-follow sections.



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