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    SagePay PI

    Sage Pay PI is easy to configure and decreases your liability for customer data because credit card information is never 'touched' by your site.  The information is entered into a form embedded in your site, so it matches the rest of your skin and customers don't have to leave your site. The only exception to this is if 3-D Secure is enabled. If it is, a customer is redirected to their card issuer’s 3-D Secure authentication page. After successful authentication, the customer is then brought back to your site to complete checkout.

    1. Apply for an account.

    2. After an account is established you can configure you Sage Pay settings within you Sage Pay account as you like and obtain your API credentials. To setup your store to use Sage Pay PI, you will need these credentials:

      1. Vendor Name
      2. Integration Key
      3. Integration Password
    3. Log into your store's admin console and go to Configuration -> Site Setup Wizard in the top navigation.
    4. On the Site Setup Wizard page, scroll down to the Payment Processing Solutions section and click the 'configure' link next to Sage Pay PI. The Sage Pay PI configuration window appears.

    5. Fill in the 3 values you got from your Sage Pay PI account. Note that 3dSecure is not enabled by default on new Sage Pay PI accounts. If you want to use that option, you'll need to work with Sage Pay PI support to enable it on your account before setting that option to 'Yes' here in the admin console.
    6. Click the 'Save and Close' button, then click the radio button next to Sage Pay PI.
    7. Make sure that 'Credit Card' is checked in the Credit Cards & Other Payment Methods section.
    8. Finally, click 'Save' at the top or bottom of the page and your site should be configured to accept credit cards through Sage Pay PI!
    • Sage Pay PI cannot participate in a backup gateway relationship, either as the primary gateway or the backup gateway. ​

    Before going live with your site you will want to:

    1. Make sure your Sage Pay PI credentials (Vendor Name, Integration Key and Integration Password) are for your live Sage Pay PI account.
    2. In your admin console, change the setting UseLiveTransactions to YES. To use Sage Pay PI in test (sandbox) mode, set UseLiveTransactions to NO and input test Sage Pay PI credentials (Vendor Name, Integration Key and Integration Password).

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