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    PayPal Commerce

    PayPal Commerce


    1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, navigate to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard.

    2. For new PayPal customers:
      In the Configure Wallets section, click the configure link to the right of the PayPal option.

    3. For existing PayPal customers:
      In the Configure Wallets section, click the blue Upgrade Now button.

    4. Click on the blue Connect with PayPal button.

    5. Follow the instructions on the PayPal mini browser and make sure to click on the Go back to Store button to complete the onboard process (the onboarding process will not be completed without clicking the Go back to Store button).

    6. After completing the onboarding process with PayPal, the Configure PayPal Commerce modal displays a confirmed connection to PayPal.

    7. In the Payment Processing Solutions section, click the PayPal radio button, and click the blue Save button
      at the bottom (or top) of the form.

    8. NOTE: PayPal Commerce is an all-in-one solution and includes Credit Card checkout when the Credit or Debit Cards funding source is enabled, so it is not necessary to select Credit Card in the Credit Cards & Other Payment Methods section.


    The Configure PayPal Commerce modal also has several settings that change the PayPal Commerce experience (Toggle Advanced and scroll down) :


    Advanced Configuration

    Below is a list of advanced Configuration - Settings:

    Setting Description
      PayPalCommerce.3DSecureAuthenticationEnabled     Enable 3D Secure Authentication for advanced credit and debit card payments.*
      PayPalCommerce.CheckoutButtonLocation   Option to enable or disable the PayPal Checkout button in the Minicart and Product Pages.
      PayPalCommerce.CheckoutButtonLayout   Option to determine the button layout when multiple buttons are available.
      PayPalCommerce.CheckoutButtonShape   Option to determine the button shape.
      PayPalCommerce.CheckoutButtonColor   Option to determine the button color.
      PayPalCommerce.CheckoutButtonLabel   Option to determine the button label. The PayPal option contains only the PayPal brand logo. The PayPal Checkout option displays the PayPal brand logo and checkout text.  

    *NOTE: The 3D Secure implementation is through PayPal, so if enabling this for your account, please consult PayPal for verifying setup on your PayPal account. For the UK and European countries, Strong Customer Authentication/SCA will be required. 3D Secure v2 meets that requirement and is currently only available in the cart through PayPal Commerce.

    Payment Method Availability

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