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    Installation Guide

    Before You Begin

    • If possible it is always best to install this add-on to a staged or development clone of your live site to verify functionality and possible install issues before deploying to the live site.
    • In order to safely complete this installation on a live website you need to be able to backup your site files and database, and have a plan and permission to restore them should you encounter a problem during the installation process.
    • Different hosting providers and environments will have different methods of backing up and restoring databases. Please work with your hosting company to discuss the backup and restore tools that are available to you.
    • Please read through the entire installation guide and make sure you understand the installation process before you begin an installation on your live site. If there are any steps of this installation process that are unclear, please submit a ticket to http://support.aspdotnetstorefront.com to request assistance.
    • Before you begin please ensure that:
      • You have file access to the root of your website (FTP or RDC are the most common).
      • You have SuperAdmin Access to your AspDotNetStorefront site.
      • You are installing the correct version of DropSearch for your site version and search type (AspDotNetStorefront 10.0.0 - 10.0.1, or 10.0.2+, with or without Guided Navigation).


    1. Backup your database.
    2. Backup your site files.
    3. Copy files from the installation folder into your live site.
      • Copy the Web/Skins/Default/Css/dropsearch.css file in to the Web/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Css folder on your live site.
      • Copy the Web/Skins/Default/Scripts/dropsearch.js file into the Web/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Scripts folder on your live site.
      • Copy the Web/Skins/Default/Images/dropsearchloader.gif file into the Web/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Images folder on your live site.
      • Copy all files from the Web/Skins/Default/XmlPackages folder into the Web/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/XmlPackages folder on your live site.
      • Copy the Web/Skins/Default/Views/Shared/_Search.cshtml file into the Web/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Views/Shared/ folder on your live site. If the file exists, please perform a comparison to determine if the installation file should be merged. You may need to consult a developer.
    4. On your live site, open the Web/Skins/{YourSkinFolder}/Views/Shared/_Head.cshtml file. Add the following line to your CSS bundle:

      NOTE: A modified Web/Skins/Default/Views/Shared/_Head.cshtml file is included in the install package for you to run a comparison with if you prefer.

      This should look like the example below:
      @* Bundle and minify CSS. *@
          bundlePath: Url.SkinUrl("css/_skin_bundle"),
          filePaths: new[]
    5. Run the installer from a browser window by navigating to http://www.yourdomain.com/xmlpackage/dropsearchinstall & click Begin Installation (NOTE: If you're using Legacy URL mode, use http://www.yourdomain.com/e-dropsearchinstall.aspx instead). 
    6. Click Refresh Store from your admin console.



    Configuration Option Description Default
    DropSearch.MaximumProductResults The maximum number of products to show in the dropdown 5

    The minimum number of characters a user must type before the dropsearch begins searching. Please use a value of 2 characters or greater.

    NOTE: You should also set MinSearchStringLength to the same value so the search bar provides the same expectation.

    DropSearch.ShowImages Set to true to enable product images in the dropdown true
    SearchDescriptionsByDefault Set to true to enable searching of product descriptions. Disable to improve performance. Note that this setting also affects the standard sitewide product search true


    Full Text Search

    If you have a large database with thousands of products, you can improve search performance significantly by enabling Full Text Search.

    For users of Full Text Search, as well as the separate Guided Navigation add-on, please also enable the Configuration Option 'GuidedNavigation.UseFullTextSearch'

    NOTE: When Full Text Search is enabled in your site admin, the search results only display once a full recognizable word is entered in the search box.


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