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    Basic Search

    The Basic (and Advanced) Search function searches the fields listed below, if descriptions and summaries are enabled:


    • Name
    • SKU
    • Manufacturer Part number
    • Description (including the HTML)
    • Summary (including the HTML)


    • Name
    • SKU Suffix
    • Manufacturer Part Number


    • Name
    Search can be used on your site 2 ways: 

    You can embed the basic search control into your skin wherever you would like the search box to appear, such as: 

    <div class="search-wrap">
    <custom:Search ID="Search1" runat="server" />

    Basic Search Page Link: 
    You can link directly to the /search.aspx page from within the Topic: Template.TopNavigation 

    Additional Notes: 
    SettingSearchDescriptionsByDefault true allows the search to include product Descriptions and Summaries as well.

    SettingSearch_ShowPricesInResults true allows the search to include product prices in the search results.

    By default, search terms that customers look for on your site are not logged.  You can set the Search_LogSearches Setting to true to record those searches in the SearchLog table in your store's database.  Those values can be queried out using a custom report.

    You can use an XmlPackage based display for the Basic Search (and the Advanced Search), selectable with the Settings: XmlPackage.SearchPage and XmlPackage.SearchAdvPage 

    It is recommended that Full Text Search not be enabled in order for the Basic Search to operate effectively. You may want to experiment with FTS enabled/disabled to determine your preferred behavior.

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