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    This gateway only supports the 'AUTH CAPTURE' TransactionMode. Delayed capture of funds is not supported.
    1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard.

    2. In the Payment Gateway section, click the configure link next to the 2Checkout entry.

    3. Enter the value you obtained from 2Checkout for the Vendor ID.

    4. Click Save and Close.

    5. Click the radio button next to 2Checkout and then click the Save button.

    Setting the return URL in 2Checkout

    1. Login to your 2Checkout account, then browse to Account, Site Management.

    2. Select the option: "Given Links back to my website" in the Direct Return section

    3. Enter the return URL for your site in the "Approved URL" in the format: http://mystore.com/twocheckout/twocheckoutreturn.

    4. Save Changes


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