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    System Log

    From the Configuration menu, click View System Log.

    The System Log tracks software errors and provides detail on each fault. Click each Log Message to view error details.

    There is a limit set with the Setting: System.MaxLogEntries that is set to 250 entries by default. When this limit is reached, the log will no longer populate entries. Increase the value for the Setting, or clear the log to allow room for new entries. You can Export the current log entries to a .txt file for archiving if you wish, and then click the Clear System Log button to empty the log.


    For versions 10.0.20+ there is a new system log (Serilog) in place:

    • Expanded reporting (you will see many more entries than previous versions)
    • More filtering options (including a Search)
    • Sortable column headers
    • Expanded reporting options (see your \Config-Internal\AppSettings.config file)
    • System.MaxLogEntries set to 100000 by default
    • Additional error logging has been added for XML Packages. This new logging is optional and may be disabled with the new setting XmlPackage.LogExceptions to false.
    • "Page not found" (404) errors are now logged in a more robust way within the System Log. A new configuration SysLog.Http404.LoggingLevel can be set to None, Warning, or Error, each of which increases the level of detail logged about the 404 errors. By default this is set to Warning and minimal information will be logged to the System Log on each 404 error.

    For versions 10.0.23+ there are more management tools:

    • Added the ability to remove Warnings and Informational items from the System Log at set intervals once the full log size has been reached.
      • Logging.Information.DaysToKeep  How many days back to retain informational log entries when the value in Setting System.MaxLogEntries is reached. 7 Days by default.
      • Logging.Warning.DaysToKeep  How many days back to retain warning log entries when the value in Setting System.MaxLogEntries is reached. 31 Days by default.

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