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    Skin Selector

    From the Content menu, click Manage Skins.

    This page allows you to preview and change each of your store's skins.

    Previewing & Changing Store Skins

    1. Select a store from the dropdown menu. If you have only configured a single store, Default Store will be pre-selected.
    2. Choose a skin from the menu, and click Preview to see an example of your store using the chosen skin. To apply the skin to your store, click Apply Skin.

    Adding a custom skin

    If you are building your a custom skin for AspDotNetStorefront, you can add 2 files to your custom skin to support it within the Skin Selector page in the admin console.
    1. Make sure that you have a /Skins/{YOURSKINNAME}/SkinInfo directory.

    2. Create a preview.jpg file which is a screenshot of your custom skin. Image dimensions should be no larger than 1180 x 911 pixels.

    3. Make sure you have a skininfo.xml file in the SkinInfo folder which stores information about your custom skin. You can use the skininfo.xml file from the default skin (Skin_1) as a template to create your own xml file. 
      <Skin version="1.0">
          <Description>This is the default skin that ships with AspDotNetStorefront. It is a great starting point for your own custom skin.</Description>
                  <Name>Primary Color</Name>
                  <Name>Background Color</Name>
                  <Name>Text Color</Name>

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