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    Release Notes - 10.0.21

    Feature Updates

    • Added new configurable requirements for phone numbers. It is now possible to require that a shopper-entered phone number conforms to a specific format.

    Admin Feature Updates

    • Promotions configuration options in Admin have been improved by widening the date, value, and text entry boxes.
    • Bulk product editor results can now have the number of products displayed limited with a new Configuration - Settings: EntityEditBulkProductMaxCount
      (example: Products - Product Groups - edit Category - Products tab - Products for Category or a Bulk Products menu)

    Payment Gateway Updates

    Avalara Updates

    Security Updates

    • MaxMind minFraud API support has been updated due to the discontinuation of the legacy minFraud service SOAP API.
      • A new Configuration - Settings: MaxMind.AccountID must be configured (alongside existing setting MaxMind.LicenseKey) for continued MaxMind minFraud service.
      • Please log in to MaxMind to retrieve the Account ID for your account (Services menu - My License Key)
    • Signifyd Fraud Protection Service is no longer supported as a fraud protection option in AspDotNetStorefront.

    Localization Updates

    • Corrected localization information for South Korea.

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