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    Release Notes - 10.0.22

    Feature Updates

    • When Hide Price Until Cart is configured for a product page, and the new setting ShowMessageWhenHidePriceUntilCart is true, "Add to cart to see price." is now shown where the price would normally display.
    • Product price can now be shown to the shopper in their basic search results. This is controlled through a new configuration Search_ShowPricesInResults which is false by default. 
    • When using MoreStores, new products which have not been mapped to the MoreStore will get a 404 error instead of a Runtime Error when direct product page access is attempted.

    Admin Feature Updates

    • When Mark as Shipped is used on the Order Details page, a warning is displayed that the customer may be emailed if the setting SendShippedEmailToCustomer is true.
    • The Orders - Manage Orders page will now filter on full names entered in the "E-mail, Name, or Company:" field as expected.
    • The Orders - Manage Orders page now includes the Customer's full name in the Contact Info column of the Matching Orders grid.
    • New Order Notification emails now include the Order Number in the subject line.
    • Sample test emails on the Setup E-Mail page have been updated to better represent real emails.
    • Additional error logging has been added for XML Packages. This new logging is optional and may be disabled with the new setting XmlPackage.LogExceptions to false.
    • Configuration- Settings Descriptions are now only editable when choosing Show Advanced Settings from the Setting edit page. This is intended to prevent accidental editing of the Description, which may cause confusion for the site administrators. NOTE: The description field can be useful to store information or values for the setting, just be careful to retain the original description value as well.
    • The "Shipping Only" checkbox in the Promotions editor now remains selected after saving a promotion.
    • "Page not found" (404) errors are now logged in a more robust way within the System Log. A new configuration SysLog.Http404.LoggingLevel can be set to None, Warning, or Error, each of which increases the level of detail logged about the 404 errors. By default this is set to Warning and minimal information will be logged to the System Log on each 404 error.

    Payment Gateway Updates

    • Cybersource HOSTED
      • Updated to the latest version of the Cybersource API.
      • Simplified configuration and removed unnecessary settings.
      • Improved international payment support.
      • For configuration of the Cybersource HOSTED gateway, please see the manual page.
    • Improved support for eChecks in AcceptJs.
    • PayPal Checkout (Express) will properly honor shipping Promotions.

    Shipping Updates

    • Canada Post real time shipping calculation has been updated.
      NOTE: The existing configuration RTShipping.CanadaPost.Server must now be "https://sellonline.canadapost.ca/sellonline/Rating" for continued CanadaPost support. This will be done automatically during your upgrade.
    • When the FedEx API generates an error it is no longer possible for the shopper to select "Call for Shipping Rates." Errors are usually generated for invalid addresses, where the shipping cost is impossible to estimate.
      NOTE: "Call for Shipping Rates" is still displayed if the address is valid but the order weight is higher than the RTShipping.FedEx.MaxWeight setting. Checkout is still allowed in this case.

    Security Updates

    • Duplicate Orders avoided: the Place Order button on checkout will no longer allow multiple clicks, and an empty cart check is performed in cases where customers go back in browser and Place Order again.
    • The Configuration - Setting MinOrderWeight is now properly honored.

    Internal Changes

    • Improved efficiency of product image loading on product pages (performance improvement)
    • Removed unused files.
      • Removed payment-icons.css from the default skin.
      • Removed tabbit.js.
    • The shopper's current IP Address information has been standardized to the same length in the database everywhere that it is stored.

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