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The wishlist allows customers to save a list of products they want to buy later. A product added to the wishlist is not deducted from inventory until the product is moved to the shopping cart and purchased.

Enabling the Wishlist

Configure the following Settings according to your preferences:
Setting Name Description
AgewishListDays Determines how long the product will stay on the wishlist page.
DisallowAnonCustomersToCreateWishlist Set to Yes if you want to force anonymous customers to register before using the wishlist.
ShowWishButtons Set to Yes to show Add to Wish List buttons next to Add to Cart buttons on the site.

Using the Wishlist

When a customer clicks Add to Wish List, the product is added to the wishlist instead of the normal shopping cart.


From that page, click Update Wishlist button if you changed the quantity of your product. If you decide to order the product, click Move to Shopping Cart button. To remove the product from the wishlist, click the Delete button. Click Continue Shopping to continue browsing the site.

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