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Micropayments are pre-paid accounts that work only on your store site, similar to phonecards or giftcards. A customer can put in an initial amount and when it is used up, add more to it. Micropayments also save in merchant transaction fees by cutting down the number of transactions, since only adding funds to the MicroPay account requires running a live transaction through a gateway - all other micropay transactions stay on your site.

Enabling MicroPay

  1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard and check the box next to Micropay in the Credit Cards & Other Payment Methods section, then click Save.

  2. Go to Configuration > Settings, and search for 'Micropay'. Adjust the following settings: 
    Setting Name Description
    Micropay.HideOnCartPage When this is set to No, customers will have the option to add $5 to their MicroPay balance from the shopping cart page (see below for more details).
    Micropay.ShowTotalOnTopOfCartPage When this is set to Yes, customers' MicroPay balances will display at the top of the shopping cart page.


Managing MicroPay Balances

MicroPay balances can be managed in 2 ways: 


Store administrators can change customer MicroPay balances through the Contacts > Manage Contacts page. Simply search for the customer whose balance you would like to edit, click on the Customer Name to edit the account, and change the value in the MicroPay Balance field.

This field is only displayed when MicroPay is enabled.


Customers add more to their MicroPay balances by purchasing a product that shows up on the shopping cart page once this feature is enabled.

This product relies on the "Add $5 to my MicroPay account" product that comes preloaded with the software (mapped to the Generic Mfg). We HIGHLY recommend that store admins do not remove this product entirely. If you do not intend to use MicroPay right away, simply unpublish the product so it can be reactivated later if needed.

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