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With Cash on Delivery orders, products/services are paid for in full with cash or certified check immediately at the time of delivery, or when they are received by the buyer. As with checks and purchase orders, most of the order handling is done outside of the software.
  1. To use C.O.D. as a payment method, in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard and check the boxes next to the C.O.D Payment options you'd like to offer. Click Save. Available options are: C.O.D, C.O.D (Money Order), C.O.D (Company Check), and C.O.D (Net 30).

  2. It will then be shown in the Payment Info page as one of the payment methods.

  3. A confirmation message will be displayed after placing the order.

    Edit the message that will be displayed in the order confirmation page in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console on the Content > Manage Topics page. Select topic codinstructions and edit the display message. Click Save to apply your changes.

  4. The order may now be viewed by the administrator in Orders > Manage Orders. You will note that COD is the payment method indicated in the Payment Details section.

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