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    PageSpeed Insights

    PageSpeed Insights in a tool offered by Google to help you optimize your page speed and give you suggestions about how your site can do better. Below we cover a few of the common recommendations from PageSpeed Insights.

    Leverage Browser Caching

    To fix the "Leverage Browser Caching" warning given by PageSpeed Insights you need to make sure that your are returning a Cache-Control header. For more information on that see Cache Control Header.

    Optimize CSS Delivery

    To resolve the "Optimize CSS Delivery" warning from PageSpeed Insights have a look at Cache Control Header. This is an advanced topic so proceed with caution.

    Remove render-blocking JavaScript

    To resolve the "Remove render-blocking JavaScript" warning from PageSpeed Insights you should consider using the Client Resource Manager.

    Minify Javascript

    To resolve the "Minify JavaScript" warning from PageSpeed Insights see Bundling and Minification.

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