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Getting Started

The Push Button Upgrade process offers a simple upgrade path for legacy users of AspDotNetStorefront to get up to date on the latest version. PBU replaces the need to have a software developer evaluate and manually upgrade files & data - so you can keep your maintenance costs low, and take advantage of the latest in security and e-commerce features.

How does it work?

First, you'll go to the PBU site here: http://pbu.aspdotnetstorefront.com. You'll need to be logged in with the same email address you used to place your Push Button Upgrade order. Need help? Contact us and our support team will help you get started.

We'll start by asking for your FTP information to connect to the live store. Don't panic! We won't interrupt your live store while the upgrade process is running - this isn't a 'live' update, we'll simply use this information to connect up to your store and bring over a copy of your data so you can preview the new version of AspDotNetStorefront with a fresh design, with your products and categories all ready to go.

Once we've established a connection to your store, you'll choose from our template library and fill out a survey to customize and configure your new store design.

What to expect...

When you've finished choosing & configuring your skin and you're ready to go, you'll click to start the upgrade process. The upgrade process can take 20 minutes up to a few hours - it all depends on the size of your database. A store with a catalog of 50 products will run much more quickly than a store with 50,000!

You'll get an email when the upgrade is complete, and you can log in to the PBU site where you'll find a "staging" URL. This will allow you to preview your store on the new version, with your configured design choices. If your legacy store is customized, you'll notice your earlier customizations won't have carried over in this upgrade process - and after clicking around your new store, you might find that you won't need those customizations anymore! PBU is designed to bring legacy users back on to the 'upgrade' path, removing any earlier 'custom' code, which can add to the expense of upgrading the software to stay on the latest version. If, after you preview your store you find that you want to further customize your store on the new version, please contact us for more information.

After you preview your store, you might decide that you want to change some of your configurations - or pick a completely different skin! You can re-run the upgrade up to 5 times, each time, changing your configuration to experiment with different layouts.

Ready? Let's do this!

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