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Frequently Asked Questions

How does "Push Button Upgrade" Work?
Pure magic. Along with some pretty clever programming...
When you start your Push Button Upgrade, the data in your store is encrypted, then imported in to a 'stock' database on our servers which matches the same version as your live store. It will pull in your products, variants, categories, settings, customers, etc., then it will upgrade the database on our servers. After that, it installs and customizes your choice of template, and builds a "Staging" URL at which you can preview the new store.

Pretty neat, right?

What versions of AspDotNetStorefront are supported?
All versions of AspDotNetStorefront on and higher are supported with the Push Button Upgrade process. If you're running an older version of AspDotNetStorefront - we can still help! Contact us for more information.

Can I have FTP access?
While you're in progress working on your Push Button Upgrade, FTP access is not available. Once you've moved the upgrade live, you'll be free to use FTP access to modify files.

How can I prepare, to make everything go smoothly?
Firstly, make sure that you can give us access to your live store. We use FTP to put a file into your 'images' folder. We will need read and write access. If you have ever used FTP access yourself, then please use a tool like FileZilla to make sure that your FTP login details still work.
Secondly, look really hard at all the templates (showcased down the left hand menu).
  • Choose the one that you think will fit your needs best.
  • Assess carefully - for example, notice that the 'Dean' skin has a very large banner image, and anticipates that you will identify both featured product-groups and, separately, featured products.
  • As another example, the 'Sportsing' skin has a large number of promo areas (details here) and you will need to be ready with buttons, links, images, and copy.
It is a good idea to prepare the design assets (images, copy, product-ids etc.) before you begin your upgrade.
In practice, you will likely choose a template, prepare your design assets ... and then when you first run your upgrade, you might very well see your work in place and change your mind! Remember that you can run end-to-end up to FIVE times, so there's room to change your mind!

How long does it take?
The Push Button Upgrade process can take anywhere from about 20 minutes to a few hours, depending on the size of your database. A store which has about 50 products will go a lot quicker than a store with 50,000 products.

Can I change content in the admin console after the Push Button Upgrade runs?
Yes! You can use the staging site as a 'sandbox' with which to test out changes to the site content. If you want to keep those changes when you launch, you'll need to keep a local copy of the changes you make so that you can manually re-apply them via the live site admin console after your Push Button Upgrade goes live.

Here's why...
All of the changes you might make to topics, categories, or products on the staging site are stored in the staging site database. This database is not in sync with your live site at all, so the data on the staging site quickly becomes 'stale'. You'll notice that recent orders or customer accounts that have registered on your live site won't be reflected on the staging site until the next time you run the Push Button Upgrade.

On your next run, the entire data import/template install procedure repeats itself (see: How does "Push Button Upgrade" Work?), effectively reversing any changes you might've made to the staging site admin console directly.

If you have changes you'd like to make that you want to carry over when we go live, you can keep a local copy of changes in notepad files. Make the changes directly on staging to test them out, then copy the code from the <> HTML view. Save the code to a text file on your computer so you can copy/paste the changes back in to the live site following launch.

Can I keep working on my live site while I'm working on my Push Button Upgrade?
Yes! Change your products, prices, topics, oil, hairstyle, wardrobe, etc., You'll get 5 runs on the Push Button Upgrade, then when you're ready to go live, the last Push Button Upgrade run will import your store data anew - it will pick up any changes you've made in your live site admin console, ensuring that you're going live with the absolute most recent set of data.

Where are my custom topics?
Topics are imported along with everything else in your database. Your 'stock' topics (topics that come with AspDotNetStorefront when you first set it up) will automatically be included in the new version, but any custom topics you've added to your store will be hidden until you go live.
After you've moved the upgrade live, in the admin console, go to Content > Manage Topics and search for '_old'. Custom topics are imported and suffixed with the '_old' label - you'll want to review these topics to make sure they display nicely on the new version, then you can remove the '_old' suffix from the Topic Name field and link to them from your store's navigation.

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