This template is a favorite for stores which have a large number of important categories. Social markers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube) are dominantly shown, and there is the added benefit of a space in the header for a promotional saying, or tagline.
As well as the extended space for advertising categories, there is also opportunity on the homepage for a collection of featured products.
Finally, there is a two column area, primed for your written content.
Once you choose your template you will also want to choose the category page that suits most/all of your needs.

Key Features:

  • The header is light, with a logo to the left and your promotional saying in the center.
  • The search bar is on the right hand side of the menu bar.
  • The banner image completely fills the width of the device.
  • The 'featured product groups' have a 'shop now' button.
  • The 'featured products' element is immediately underneath the 'featured products groups'.
  • The 'welcome text' takes up just part of the width of the page, with a single space for business details alongside.