This template is a favorite for stores where the products/brand need less explanation, since they are presented above any explanatory text.
If you like social markers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to show strongly, along with a subtle promotional saying, or tagline and a central search bar, then this pre-built skin will work for you.
As well as the extended space for advertising "departments", there is also opportunity on the homepage for a collection of featured products.
There are key places for both visual and textual content.
Once you choose your template you will also want to choose the category page that suits most/all of your needs.

Key Features:

  • The header is shallow and light, with a darker menu bar (which has a shadow beneath it).
  • The search bar is centered and fairly prominent.
  • The banner image has white space on both sides.
  • There is space beneath the banner for two (or more) 'calls to action'.
  • The 'featured product groups' have a 'shop now' button near the base.
  • Beneath the 'featured products groups' there is a text promo, and lower still is a promotional image with a link.
  • The 'welcome text' spreads the width of the page, excluding the option for an image in the bottom right corner.
  • The 'featured products' element is right at the bottom of the page.