Before you launch your store, make sure you're ready! Below are a few things to consider before taking your new store live:

Act like a customer:

  • Click on every link. (Particularly in the header, top navigation, and footer.)
  • View your site on multiple devices.
  • Test functionality. If you're upgrading from a legacy version, the upgrade process will remove any software customizations found on your legacy store, there might be something missing that you didn't expect to be gone. Contact our support team if you'd like help identifying & re-implementing custom features.
  • Place a test order.

Manage your store:

  • Log into the admin console and familiarize yourself with the layout
  • Review your most popular products and product groups on your homepage
  • Place a test order to confirm your shipping options are correct
  • Review the topics associated with your new template so you know how to apply changes after you're live

Make a Backup:

  • If you're upgrading from a legacy version, once you go live, your older version of AspDotNetStorefront will no longer be accessible! Make sure you have your own local backup of all of your previous version files, you can download these via FTP from your live site. Contact your hosting provider for help.
  • Your store's historical information and content (orders, customers, products, categories, topics) are all stored within your database and will not be accessible via FTP. Contact your hosting provider to request a full database backup (.bak file) and save  this alongside your website files.


When you're ready to launch, log in to the Vortx Onboard portal and click 'Let's go live'. This will notify our hosting team that you're ready to go live, you'll be contacted via email to prepare and schedule your launch.