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UPS Negotiated Rates

UPS offers special 'negotiated' rates to many of its customers. AspDotNetStorefront is able to request these special rates through the Real-time shipping rates API, which allows store owners to offer discounted shipping prices to their customers.

For directions on setting up standard realtime UPS rates, or realtime rates from the other major carriers, please see this page.


To enable this feature, first follow these basic steps to enable Real-time rates:

  1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Settings.

  2. In the Search All Fields box, enter 'Origin', then click Apply Filter.

  3. Each of these RTShipping.Origin Settings needs to be populated. These make up the origin address that is used for shipping calculations, so set them to the address you wish to use for that purpose. Note the following rules:
    Be sure that RTShipping.OriginState is a 2-letter abbreviation, do not use the full state name
    RTShipping.OriginZip should only be 5 digits

  4. Go to Configuration > Shipping Calculation, and select the radio button next to Use Real Time Rates, then click Save.

  5. Once Real-time shipping is enabled, configure the software to use UPS' special API for negotiated rates:
    • Set the RTShipping.UPS.AccountNumber Setting to the 6-digit account number you obtained from UPS.
    • Set the RTShipping.ActiveCarrier Setting to UPS2 (in addition to other carriers used, comma separated)
    • Set the RTShipping.DomesticCarriers Setting to UPS2 if desired for United States rates (in addition to other carriers used, comma separated).
    • Set the RTShipping.InternationalCarriers Setting to UPS2 if desired for International rates (in addition to other carriers used, comma separated).
    • Set the RTShipping.UPS.GetNegotiatedRates Setting to true.
    • Set the RTShipping.UPS.UserName Setting to your UPS account user name.
    • Set the RTShipping.UPS.Password Setting to your UPS account password.
    • Set the RTShipping.UPS.License Setting to your UPS account license.

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