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Shipwire is the leading provider of Internet-based inventory storage and order shipping services, providing online merchants a range of services to eliminate the hassles of warehousing and order fulfillment. Located at www.shipwire.com, they have partnered with AspDotNetStorefront to integrate their services into the software.

Setup Shipwire

  1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Shipwire.

  2. Click Get More Information to be redirected to Shipwire's website. Complete the form to get more information and sign up with Shipwire.

  3. After you've received your login information from Shipwire, go back to the Configuration > Shipwire page in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console and enter the values provided by Shipwire into the Username and Password fields, then click Save.


Designating Products to be Handled by Shipwire

Once your Shipwire account is created, you must tell the software which products will be shipped by Shipwire.
  1. First, create a new distributor. The name can be anything you want, but for the email address field, enter a "placeholder" address. It does not matter what address you use, as long as it contains the word "shipwire" somewhere within it. No emails will be sent to this address. See here for more information on setting up distributors.

    If you are going to use Real-time shipping rates, you can enter the address of the Shipwire warehouse you are using (get this info from Shipwire) in the address fields to get accurate shipping costs.

  2. Assign the products Shipwire will be handling to the new distributor. See here for information on doing that. 

That's it! From now on, any orders placed that contain these products will automatically be transmitted to Shipwire for fulfillment. You can check the Shipwire Dashboard at www.shipwire.com to view the orders they are fullfilling for you.

Order/Inventory Management

You will want to keep your AspDotNetStorefront order history and product inventories synchronized as Shipwire ships orders to your customer. To do this, go to Configuration > Shipwire in the admin console. From this page, you can perform two tasks:
  • First, you can pull shipment tracking numbers from Shipwire into your order history. This will allow your customers to view shipment progress from their Account page on your web site.
  • Second, you can pull product inventory levels from Shipwire's warehouses into your product database, to accurately reflect your quantity on hand.
These two tasks should be done daily, as Shipwire processes your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the relationship between Shipwire and AspDotNetStorefront? 
A: Shipwire is a separate company, we have partnered with them to make it easier to use their services from your e-commerce site. 

Q: Do I have to let Shipwire handle ALL of my products, or can they just handle some of them? 
A: They can handle anywhere from just one product to everything. That's totally up to you. If an order is placed that contains a mix of Shipwire and non-Shipwire products, Shipwire is only directed to fulfill their part of the order. You or another dropshipper can handle the remaining items. 

Q: When I import tracking numbers from Shipwire, is the customer's credit card processed, and do they automatically receive a shipment notification email from my web site? 
A: No, order-processing is still performed by you, as it would be for non-Shipwire orders.

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