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Sales Prompts

From Products Menu, click Manage Products, then open the Sales Prompts tab.

Sales prompts are the labels that display before sale prices on product detail pages. The software comes preloaded with 6 of them.
These can be changed with the Edit button or removed with the Delete.

Adding a Sales Prompt

  1. To add a Sales Prompt, click the Add New button.

  2. For each locale, enter the text label you would like to appear for the Sales Prompt, and click Save.

Assigning a Sales Prompt

  1. To assign a Sales Prompt to a product, navigate to Products > Manage Products in the admin console, and click a product name to edit.
  2. Click the Options tab, and choose a Sales Prompt from the 'On Sale' Prompt dropdown.

Sales Prompts can also be set for all products in the store, or all products that belong to a specific Category, Department, or Manufacturer. Go to Configuration > Store-Wide Maintenance to configure sales prompts for many products at once. 

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