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Cart Upsells

From Products Menu, click Manage Products, then click Cart Upsells.

Cart Upsells are a way of offering customers extra products/services during checkout. This can be used as an upsell tool, to offer special packaging, etc. Cart Upsells are listed as separate line items on receipts.

Creating Cart Upsells

  1. Click the Create button to create a new Cart Upsell.

  2. Enter the Cart Upsell information in the form fields provided. Each field is described below.


    Field Name Description
    Name This is the label for the Cart Upsell, which will be displayed on the shopping cart page.
    Description This should include the full details of the cart upsell. The content is entered through the Telerik RAD editor, and can accept HTML. This will be displayed when shoppers click the ? icon next to the cart upsell name on the shopping cart page (see below).
    Default is Checked If this is checked, then the Cart Upsell is selected and will be added to the shopper's cart by default if they don't intentionally un-check it on the shopping cart page.
    Cost How much this Cart Upsell adds to the order total (pre-tax).
    Tax Class Cart Upsells can be taxed just as products are, by choosing one of the tax classes from this list.
    Icon Store administrators can upload an image here and it will be displayed to the left of the Cart Upsell name on the shopping cart page.


Cart Upsell Display

Cart Upsells display on the shopping cart page, under Order Options as shown below. Shoppers can check/uncheck the options as desired, then click Update Cart so that the price changes are reflected. Clicking the "?" icon next to an order option name shows a popup window containing the cart upsell description.

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