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Test Yourself - Answers

This Help Console is studded with 'test yourself' teasers. On this page you will find the answers.

Page: Prompts. Question: How many 'prompts' do you think there are in the image? Answer: 19 


Page: Display Order. Question:

Do variants have their own:

  1. images?

  2. descriptions?

  3. inventory levels?

  4. display pages?

Answers : (1) Yes (2) Yes (3) Yes (4) No (variants are 'children' of a product and they only ever show up on the parent product page).

Page: Bulk Prices & Inventory. Question:

Imagine that a product has a Sale Price and an 'Extended Price' for customer level called 'VIP'. When a customer from level 'VIP' logs in, will he/she see (a) the sale price (b) the Extended price (c) whichever is lower? 

Answer: (b) the extended price takes precedence over sales price.

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