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Featured Products (built-in)

Selected products can be featured on your store's homepage by setting the Featured attribute to Yes on the Product in the AspDotNetStorefront admin console. Go to Products > Manage Products, click a Product Name to edit.


There are a number of store Settings that can be adjusted to change the behavior and display:

Setting  Description
 FeaturedProducts.NumberOfColumns  The number of columns on the home page featured items. 4 is the default value.
 FeaturedProducts.NumberOfItems  Enter the number of featured items that you want to display on your home page. Set this number to 0 in order to disable the featured items on the home page.
 FeaturedProducts.ShowAddToCartForm  Whether or not to show the add to cart form for featured products on the home page. Only simple products will be able to add to the cart. Complex products will show a 'Details' button.
 FeaturedProducts.ShowPrice  Whether or not to show the price on the home page featured products.

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