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Export Prices to Excel/XML

From the Products menu, click Import/Export, then click Export Prices to Excel/XML.

On this page, you can export an Excel, XML, or CSV (comma-separated list) file containing the following information about your products (fields in blue can be imported):
  • ProductID 
  • VariantID 
  • KitItemID 
  • Name 
  • KitGroup 
  • SKU 
  • Manufacturer's Part Number 
  • SKUSuffix 
  • Cost 
  • MSRP 
  • Price 
  • Sale Price 
  • Inventory
Use the dropdown menus to select the products you wish to export (or leave them all on the default to export all products), then choose a file type and click Submit. Once the file is created, you can edit the Cost, Price, Sale Price, and Inventory levels and then re-import the file through the Products > Import/Export > Import Prices from Excel/XML page.

The Excel file needs to stay formatted exactly as the export creates it, change nothing but the cell values.


If you export prices from products that came from a root category that has a sub-category, it will not export the details for products that is in the sub-category. It will only export details of products under the root category. So if the root category does not have any product, there will be no details in the file. You have to export the prices from the sub-category itself to get those data.

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