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Basic Search

The basic search function searches the fields listed below. Advanced Search functions differently.


  • Name
  • SKU
  • Manufacturer's Part number
  • Description


  • Name
Search can be used on your site 2 ways: 

You can embed the basic search control into your skin wherever you would like the search box to appear, such as: 

<div class="search-wrap">
<custom:Search ID="Search1" runat="server" />

Basic Search Page Link: 
You can link directly to the /search.aspx page from within the Topic: Template.TopNavigation 

Additional Notes: 
SettingSearchDescriptionsByDefault allows the search to include product descriptions as well.

By default, search terms that customers look for on your site are not logged.  You can set the Search_LogSearches Setting to true to record those searches in the SearchLog table in your store's database.  Those values can be queried out using a custom report.

You can use an XmlPackage based display for the Basic Search (and the Advanced Search), selectable with the Settings: XmlPackage.SearchPage and XmlPackage.SearchAdvPage 

It is recommended that Full Text Search not be enabled in order for the Basic Search to operate effectively. You may want to experiment with FTS enabled/disabled to determine your preferred behavior.

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