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Important - Closing Pages

An HTML form on a web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. This action is called a 'POST'.

As you can imagine, admin consoles (like the one you use to run AspDotNetStorefront) are packed full of HTML forms.

The whole point of the form is that you should change the content. 


At any point in this loop, you should be able to 'close' and leave the process, tidily.


If you decide to ignore those lovely 'close' buttons, and instead use your browser's 'back' button ... guess what happens??


Remember, now, we're working backwards through our pages with the back button ...


Why do you see this? Because (unlike the smart developers who gave you the tidy CLOSE button), your browser thinks you want to undo the form post. After all, you're telling it to go back. Please, don't confirm. In fact please, don't use the back button ~ instead, train yourself to use that kind and friendly CLOSE.

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