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Add to Cart Action

What happens on your store when a shopper 'adds to cart?'

First, let's discuss what you want to happen. Usually, this depends on the product set that you sell. If, for example, you only sell Rolex watches, then most times, shoppers are just buying ONE watch and as soon as they add their watch of choice to their cart, then you most likely want to move them, free of distraction, into the checkout.

If however, you sell pet accessories, then you'll be hoping to sell multiple line items on each order. When a shopper adds a first item to their cart, then you absolutely do NOT want to hurry the shopper towards the checkout. Instead, you want to make it very clear that the 'add to cart' was successfully completed, but leave the shopper to find more products and load up the shopping cart.

So, we're laying out two choices - we call the second action 'STAY' ... since it represents 'staying shopping.'

You can determine what happens on your store by managing the Setting that we call AddToCartAction. The default setting moves the shopper into the shopping cart, so change that to STAY if you prefer to increase your average order value.

Swank IBS has built a really lovely hand-crafted representation of 'stay' for LaPrimaCatering - add something to your cart and enjoy the sensation.

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