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Returns product data.

Full Syntax:

<GetProduct ID="integer" GUID="uniqueidentifier" IncludeImages="boolean" GetAll="boolean" GetAllLocale="boolean" IncludeVariants="boolean" ForEntityGUID="uniqueidentifier" ForEntityID="integer" ForEntityType="Manufacturer|Distributor|Category|Section|Genre|Vector|Affiliate|CustomerLevel"/>


  • If you specify an ID or GUID, information for only that product will be returned.
  • If you specify an EntityType and an entity identifier (ID or GUID) then all products mapped to that entity will be returned.
  • If GetAllLocale is left out of the request, only the information for the web.config locale will be returned.
  • If IncludeVariants is true, it will recursively include all variant data also.


This can return a huge amount of data, especially if IncludeImages or GetAllLocale are true.


Return the bare product data for product ID 4
<GetProduct ID="4"/>

Return the product data for product ID 4 including variant data
<GetProduct ID="4" IncludeVariants="true"/>

Return the product data for product ID 4 including variant data and images as base 64 encoded strings
<GetProduct ID="4" IncludeVariants="true" IncludeImages="true"/>

Return the product data and variants for Category 1
<GetProduct ForEntityType="Category" ForEntityID="1" IncludeVariants="true" />

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