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(WSI) XmlPackage


This node allows you to run any XML package that exists on the site, with specified runtime parameters if necessary.

Full Syntax:

<XmlPackage Name="string" RuntimeParams="pararm1=value1&param2=value2&param3=value3" OutputType="INLINE|CDATA"/>


  • If the OutputType is set to INLINE, the output results are nested inside the InnerXml area of this node in the WSI output Xml document. If CDATA, WSI will create a CDATA section inside the WSI output Xml document. This allows you to return almost any kind of data from the XmlPackage.
  • OutputType is default to INLINE if not provided.
  • The XmlPackage must already exist on the storefront site, in one of the supported XmlPackage directories ({root}/XmlPackages or the skin XmlPackages folder).


This is an extremely powerful node. XML packages should only be executed after they have been thoroughly tested in a separate environment.


This example runs the skin.helloworld.xml.config, which responds with a simple greeting
<XmlPackage Name=" skin.helloworld.xml.config" OutputType="CDATA"/>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AspDotNetStorefrontImportResult Version="" DateTime="3/4/2007 7:25:07 PM">
<XmlPackage Name="skin.helloworld.xml.config"><![CDATA[<b>Hello World</b>]]></XmlPackage>

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