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USPS Address Verification

USPS's Address Verification service can help ensure that every address entered by a customer is a real address. This check is made when the customer creates an address, either on the registration page when first signing up, or through the account page later on.


NOTE:  The USPS Address Verification should only be used for USPS shipments.  Do not use this service if you plan to ship using other carriers.

If you already have a USPS Web Tools ID (for real time Rate Calculators) then skip directly to "Setting USPS Web Tools ID", otherwise register for USPS Web Tools




Setting USPS Web Tools ID.

1. Go to Configuration → Advanced → Settings
2. Set VerifyAddressesProvider.USPS.UserID appconfig to your USPS Web Tools ID.
3. Set VerifyAddressesProvider appconfig to ‘USPS’.

NOTE: You will notice that the service returned a valid response when the address is set in full UPPERCASE. You may also get a message that the result


The addresses are not validated for shipping addresses added during checkout when ‘AllowMultipleShippingAddressPerOrder’ appconfig is set to true.


Using this feature returns full ZIP+4 postal codes, so this will conflict with taxes when using Tax by Zip Code . We recommend not using this feature when using Tax by Zip Code. Consider Avalara AvaTax instead.

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