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Release Notes - 10.0.5

  • Resolved issues with recurring order processing.
  • SagePayUK will no longer fail when the shopper's IP address is an IP 6 address.
  • Domestic & International carrier settings are now honored.
  • Order screen in admin now sorts newest to oldest by default.
  • Improved the gift card amount display in the order summary on the checkout page.
  • You can now reliably upload multiple images through WSI.
  • Fixed an issue with the Orders.AuthorizationPNREF field sometimes being too small for the data being inserted.
  • dependency.json is now optional.
  • Resolved issue with missing assembly binding redirect on postalcodelookup.
  • Added an injectable user role provider, to enable custom user role functionality.
  • Removed the separate click required to save order notes.
  • Fixed an issue where shipping method could sometimes not display on receipts.
  • Updated re-order button display in order history on account page.
  • Integrated Telerik security fix.

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