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Release Notes - 10.0.20

Feature Updates

  • Large Image pop-up windows now resize elegantly when watermarks are enabled.
  • Guided Navigation now supports add to cart buttons tied to search results (customization).
  • Attempting to delete an address from the user account page now prompts for confirmation.
  • Adding new prompts (string resources) for multi stores is no longer an issue.
  • Accessing a soft deleted product page now returns a 404 Not Found response instead of a blank page.
  • Alternate image text is no longer needed when using the Advanced Product Image Display.
  • Gift Card transactions will now display on the user’s account page as intended.
  • Improved iOS support for product pages.


Admin Feature Updates

  • "Refresh Store" button now resets the breadcrumb cache (fixes an issue with incorrect breadcrumb URLs).
  • ​New System Log with expanded reporting, filtering and search
  • Search result filtering now defaults to showing both published and unpublished results.
  • Added column header sorting options to the Promotions grid.
  • The admin console now allows access regardless of currency and localization settings (rare issue involving culture and region creation)


Payment Gateway Updates

  • NEW! All new PayPal Checkout, now with Smart Payment Buttons. Improve checkout conversion up to 82%. Now seamlessly let your shoppers pay with Venmo. More easily offer your shoppers an easy way to pay over time with PayPal Credit.
  • Added support for eWAY in configurations with multiple stores that have differing currencies.
  • Improved support for CyberSource HOSTED payment gateways.
  • Improved support for Authorize.net Gateway Emulation functionality.


Avalara Updates

  • Added support for parent-to-child company tax profile inheritance.
  • Adjusted location of the log file (avatax.log) to the root \images\ folder.


Security Updates

  • Tightened data requirements for filenames and paths.
  • Tightened data requirements for account email addresses.
  • Added CAPTCHA support for "Email Product to a Friend".

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