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Release Notes - for developers

The release notes on this page are particularly relevant for those people who are custom-coding the storefront


Separately, we have generated release notes that are expected to be of great interest to anyone using AspDotNetStorefront out-of-the-box as a powerful selling tool. Those notes are here.


Finally, we offer release notes, that are appropriate when changing the design layer (presentation layer) of the storefront, or doing sophisticated configuration. Those notes are here.

MVC details

Changed software requirements

- v10 recommends Windows 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014

AspDotNetStorefront v10 needs Visual Studio 2013 or later (NOTE: V10.0.2 requires VS 2015+) --
Providers / Dependency details
Links and SENames details
Configurable URL generation details
RedirectLiveToWWW Replacement details
Encrypting the encrypt key details
Custom Error Pages details
Encrypting the encrypt key details
Changes to the Web Config details
URLs and the trailing slash details


  Certified PCI and PADSS Compliant   --


 ... and hosting - 2012R2 / SQL 2014


 Change admin password

- it is a PCI requirement that the 'out-of-box' admin password is changed. We enforce that for you.



- Security logging has been dramatically extended so that all security-related actions leave a footprint.


 Encrypt key

- Dual controls have been implemented


 Monthly maintenance

- With all the effort to secure your store for your shoppers, there is new focus on maintenance processes.


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