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Publishing AspDotNetStorefront

Publishing with Visual Studio

Version 10 is a web application. This means that all the C# code for the web project is compiled into the /bin/web.dll. Consequently, there are several source code files that we don't want to include in a deployment to the live site. You can use the publish functionality in visual studio to help cull out these unused files. We usually publish to a folder and then deploy manually rather than letting Visual Studio handle deployment although visual studio can deploy over FTP if you'd like.

* Disclaimer: Please, of course, be careful with your live site. Backup the database and files before you make deployments.


NOTE: Troubleshooting Visual Studio 2015+

Publish to a local folder

  • Right click on the web folder to begin the publish process.
  • Choose Custom

  • Add a name for your publish profile

  • Under connection choose the file system option and choose a target location

  • Make sure the configuration is "Release" and then hit the publish button

  • You should see the appropriate site files get copied to the folder you specified and now you can deploy the files to your live or staging site.

  • One thing to watch out for while publishing is that you've got all of the files included and excluded from the project that you want to deploy because VS publish will not copy files it does not know about and it will also complain about files that are missing are included in the project.

Publishing with Visual Studio can be problematic if you don't have your project setup just right so we've got a couple more options for you below.


Filezilla ignore pattern

If you need a quick way to deploy only the appropriate files over FTP via Filezilla, you can use Filezilla's filename filters.

  • Open up Filezilla and choose View > Filename filters...
  • Click Edit filter rules... in the bottom left
  • Click New and add a new filename filter called DeployAdnsf10
  • Hit OK to save your new filter and then apply it to the current session

    In this case we want to apply it to the local file system so we don't deploy the source code files
  • Once you hit okay you should see that the file types specified are now filtered out.

Beyond Compare ignore pattern

If you need a quick way to deploy only the appropriate files via Beyond Compare, you can use this ignore pattern below. Click filters funnel icon at the top right to make adjustments to the file filters.




You can add this option to your presets if you want to save it for the future.


Troubleshooting Visual Studio 2015+

If you encounter errors building your source code, try the following:

  • Visual Studio - Help - Check for Updates - make sure you have the latest updates installed
  • Visual Studio - Tools - Get Tools and Features - (runs VS installer) - Workloads - verify/install ASP.NET and web development
  • Errors: "No packages exist..." > Visual Studio - Tools - NuGet Package Manager - Package Manager Settings - Package Sources - CHECK the box for "nuget.org https://api.nuget.org/v3/index.json"

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