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AspDotNetStorefront integrates with 4 PayPal services to provide customers different checkout options:

PayPal Checkout (formally Express) - This service also takes customers off of the store site to pay, and brings them back for shipping and final order processing, providing notifications of new orders for store admins.

PayPal Payments Advanced - This option allows customers to pay by credit card or with their PayPal account. Payment is handled through a PayPal hosted customizable secure offsite form. This means your site never 'touches' the credit card information, which is great for PCI compliance. Note that if you enable PayPal Payments Advanced, you also enable PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal Website Payments Pro - This solution allows customers to pay by credit card directly through the store site and the funds will quickly and easily be posted to the named PayPal account. Note that if you enable PayPal Website Payments Pro, you also enable PayPal Express Checkout.

PayPal PayFlow Pro - A very popular payment gateway among our user base. Payments are captured, transmitted and processed securely and funds will go directly to the merchant account of choice. Please see this page for setup information for the PayPal PayFlow Pro gateway. Note that if you enable PayPal PayFlow Pro, you also enable PayPal Express Checkout.

NOTE that PayPal Express and Advanced options now include the PayPal Credit feature.

PayPal Account Creation

These steps are required for PayPal Checkout (formally Express) and Website Payments Pro services. Version-specific additional directions are provided below.
  1. Open a PayPal Business account by clicking the link HERE.

  2. Log into your Paypal Business Account.

  3. Click on the Tools > Business Setup option.

  4. Click the Payment Setup tab, then select "On your Website" and then the Continue button.

  5. Click the Continue button for the option on the right where the yellow PayPal button is.

  6. Now select/expand Option A (I want a pre-built payment solution)

  7. Click the “Get you API Credentials” link.

  8. ​Click the Manage API Credentials link in the section: NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)

  9. Click each "Show" link for the API Username, API Password, and Signature and copy/paste each into a Notepad or other text editor. These will be used to enter the credentials into your site setup.

  10. Click Done and Log Out of PayPal.

PayPal Express Checkout

NOTE: With the latest storefront release (v 10.0.20) there are great changes for PayPal Express:

  • If your cart is already using PayPal Express Checkout (EC), then you’ll automatically get the new experience.
  • The new name for Express Checkout is PayPal Checkout.
  • Venmo will appear on mobile when the shopper has the mobile Venmo app installed.
  • Venmo transactions go through PayPal, so merchants do not have to have a separate Venmo account in order to accept Venmo payments.
  • Merchants who do not currently use EC can sign up for a PayPal account and enable PayPal Checkout just as merchants have always done so – there’s no special sign up process or different configuration settings.

Once you have followed the steps in the PayPal Account Creation section and have your PayPal account details, to enable PayPal Checkout (Express):

  1. In the admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard.

  2. In the Configure Wallets section, click the configure link to the right of the PayPal Express Checkout entry.

  3. Enter the values you obtained from PayPal for the API Username, API Password, and Signature.

  4. If running version 10.0.0 (this option is not found in version 10.0.1+) then it is required to enable the Use PayPal Express Integrated Checkout option and click Save and Close.

  5. Finally, check the box next to PayPal Express Checkout and then click the Save button at the top or bottom of the page.


NOTE: The Integrated Checkout option is a lightbox overlay (your site is grayed-out behind it) allowing the customer to login and pay
through their PayPal account without appearing to leave the site. This is automatically enabled in version 10.0.1 and is required to be enabled in version 10.0.0

NOTE: Starting in version 10.0.3, it's possible to require phone numbers on PayPal Express orders. To enable this feature, you'll need to 'Require Contact Phone Number' in your Paypal configuration - see this page for more information: https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/My-account-settings-Archive/How-do-I-require-a-phone-number-from-my-customers/td-p/356200

PayPal Payments Pro

Enabling this payment gateway automatically enables PayPal Express.

In order to complete this payment gateway setup, you will need to obtain an API Signature* from PayPal. Log into your PayPal account and go to the Profile page. Click the API Access link, then click Request API Credentials link. Choose the API Signature method then agree to the terms and click Submit. 

To set up the PayPal Website Payments Pro payment gateway:

  1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard
  2. In the Payment Processing Solutions section, click the configure link to the right of PayPal Payments Pro
  3. The following Settings will need to be populated with your personal account information, obtained here from PayPal. Do not change the Advanced settings unless instructed to do so.
    - PayPal API Username
    - PayPal API Password 
    - PayPal API Signature*

  4. Finally, select Save and Close, then check the PayPal Payments Pro option. Click the Save button, and your gateway setup is complete.

PayPal Express and Advanced options now include the PayPal Credit feature.

Telephone Support

  • If you have sales related questions about setting up NEW PayPal service and would like to speak directly to a PayPal Product Specialist, call 877-455-1484.
  • If you have customer service related questions regarding an EXISTING PayPal account and would like to speak directly to a PayPal Customer Service agent, call 888-221-1161.

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