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(WSI) GetEntity


Returns data for the specified entity, including mappings and sub-entities.

Full Syntax:

<GetEntity XPathLookup="/x/y/z" EntityType="Manufacturer|Distributor|Category|Section|Genre|Vector" EntityGUID="uniqueidentifier" EntityID="integer" IncludeImages="boolean" GetAllLocale="boolean" Recursive="boolean"/>


  • If ID and GUID are left blank, WSI will return all of the entities of the specified type from the root all the way down the tree.
  • If you specify an ID or GUID, WSI will return all of that entity's data, as well as any sub-entities under it.
  • If IncludeImages is true, all image data (icon, medium, and large) images will be returned for all entities.
  • The desired entity can be specified by ID, GUID, or Xpath.


Depending on what you specify (or more importantly, don't specify) and your entity structure, the returned data set could be huge.


Return all information for all categories.
<GetEntity EntityType="Category" EntityID="1" Recursive="boolean" IncludeImages="boolean"/>

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