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Email Sources Report

The Email Sources report is designed to be a way for merchants to export the various email addresses collected in ADNSF in order to feed an email marketing/campaign manager. For example, they may want to start a campaign targeting all of their abandoned cart customers.

It supports the following sources:

  • Registered Customers
  • Unregistered Customers
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Affiliates
  • Distributors
  • Manufacturers

Only one email address, per source, should appear. For any record (such as distributors, manufacturers, or affiliates) an email address has to be present for the record to be output.

Notes on filter parameters and behavior: The date range is when the customer (or affiliate, distributor, manufacturer) was created. This exists so that the merchant can only include new emails that were added since a prior report export.

  • "OK To Email" - only applies to the first three sources above, since ADNSF isn't capturing that for the last three
  • "Placed Order" - only include customers that have placed an order at some point in history
  • "Source Type" - to allow you to select a single source, or "All" for all sources

For the various source types:

  • Abandoned Carts
    • Items added to a cart but never ordered
  • Registered Customers
    • Only registered customers (non-Guest) should appear here
  • Unregistered Customers
    • Customers who have only placed Guest orders
  • Affiliates
    • From Admin -> Marketing -> Affiliates
  • Distributors
    • From Admin -> Contacts -> Distributors
  • Manufacturers
    • From Admin -> Products -> Product Groups -> Manufacturers

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