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Cybersource Installation

  1. Log in to your CyberSource merchant account. (NOTE: Use Internet Explorer with Java enabled and the "classic" interface in order to generate the Security Keys)

  2. Go to Account Management, then Transaction Security Keys. In the Transaction Security Keys page click on Security Keys for the Simple Order API link.

  3. Click on the Generate Key button.

  4. Then click the Generate Certificate Request button.

  5. Once the key has been generated, copy/FTP it to your site files in a secure folder such as the {root} folder (often wwwroot or /Config where your site web.config file is located). The extension of the key must be .p12 and the filename should be the same as your merchant ID.

  6. In the IIS console locate the Application Pool the site uses, right-click on it and select Advanced Settings, scroll down to "Load User Profile" and verify it is set to TRUE. (NOTE: Check with your hosting if this is necessary, if you don't have access to your server IIS.)


Admin Console Setup

  1. In the AspDotNetStorefront admin console, go to Configuration > Site Setup Wizard.

  2. In the Payment Gateway section, click the configure link next to the Cybersource entry.

  3. Enter the value you obtained from Cybersource for the Merchant ID.

  4. Enter the filename (with extension) that you saved in the steps above for the Key Filename (the merchantID and .p12 extension) and the full path to the folder you saved that key in for the Keys Directory (such as: D:\HostingSpaces\example-com\example.com\wwwroot\Config\ ). You may have to contact your site host for the correct absolute path the server folder.

  5. Click Save and Close.

  6. Finally, click the radio button next to Cybersource and then click the Save button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What CyberSource API should I use for transaction keys? 
A: Security Keys for the Simple Order API (SOAP). 

Q: I keep getting this error: Failed to sign the request with error code N`1862' and message N `IO error' 
A: The CyberSource application interface was not able to sign the request with the key file.

Here are a few things to check:

  1. Verify that these Settings have the proper value:
    CYBERSOURCE.keysDirectory – should be the absolute path of your SOAP Security Keys.
    (e.g. C:\Program Files\CyberSource Corporation\simapi-net-2.0-5.0.2\keys\)

    CYBERSOURCE.keyFilename – your SOAP security key filename
    (e.g. filename.p12)

  2. Does the ASP.NET or NETWORK SERVICE user have read access permission to the key file?

Q: When I try to void a transaction, it always fails with the following error even if the capture has not been done: “The capture or credit is not voidable because the capture or credit information has already been submitted to your processor. Or, you requested a void for a type of transaction that cannot be voided.” 
A: A transaction can only be voided if CyberSource has not yet submitted the debit or credit information to your processor. Usually CyberSource submits that type of information to your processor once a day, so your window for successfully performing a void is relatively small. CyberSource will decline your void request if the debit or credit information has already been sent to the processor. 
CyberSource supports the void service for the following processors:
  • Chase Paymentech Solutions 
  • TeleCheck

When you void a transaction, the transaction is at the end of its life. You cannot undo a void, and you cannot perform a follow-on credit for a debit that has been voided.

Q: Can I use my Bank of America account through Cybersource? 
A: Yes, Cybersource supports Bank of America accounts. See here for more information. 

For more information about CyberSource error messages, go to the CyberSource page where they have a list of reason codes for the errors and contact CyberSource support directly if you are experiencing these, they should be able to assist you further.

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