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Customer Cart Editor

Installation Guide

Before You Begin

Please read through the entire installation guide and make sure you understand the installation process before you begin an installation on your live site. If there are any steps of this installation process that are unclear, please contact our Help Desk to request assistance.
  • In order to safely complete this installation on a live website you need to be able to backup your site files and database, and have a plan and permission to restore them should you encounter a problem during the installation process.
  • This installation process requires a level of technical expertise.
  • Please ensure that:
    • You have file access to the root of your website (FTP or RDC are the most common).
    • You have SuperAdmin Access to your AspDotNetStorefront site.


Simple Installation

This installation package contains a Web directory that contains all of the files necessary to install this package. Please note that it is always a good idea to make a backup of your website before deploying files to your website.

To install the Customer Cart Editor, follow these directions:

  1. Connect to your AspDotNetStorefront site using your favorite FTP program.
  2. Upload the contents of the Web/Admin folder from this package to the Web/Admin folder in your website.
  3. Upload the contents of the Web/Bin folder from this package to the Web/Bin folder in your website.
  4. In your website, add the following line to Web/Admin/Controls/VerticalMenu.ascx file (on line 33 or near there if there has been other custom code added), between the customer.aspx and customerlevels.aspx entries.

  5. <li><a href="carts.aspx"><asp:Literal runat="server" Text="Manage Customer Cart" /></a></li>

  6. Back in the admin console, click Refresh Store.
  7. Congratulations! Your installation is complete.

User Guide

Welcome to the new way to manage a customer's cart!

From the left hand navigation menu, select "Contacts" and then "Manage Customer Cart."

This will bring you to a filter and search page, where you can select the customer's cart you wish to edit. You can search by E-Mail, Name, or Customer ID, as well as filter by customer level. Below you will see that partial search terms are accepted. Click on the "Edit Cart" button to go into a customer's cart.

Now that you are inside the customer's cart, you can enter SKUs to add to the cart, add or subtract existing items, and checkout as the customer. If the item you add is unable to be purchased by the customer, you will see a warning notification stating that the product was not added and why. In the below screenshot, you will find (top to bottom):

  • Four fields to enter SKU's
  • The cart summary, with changeable quantity and buttons for saving the cart, saving and closing, close, and "Checkout as Customer."
  • Filter for Product ID, Name, and SKU if you need to search for an item to add to the cart.

Once you have made the necessary changes to the cart, click "Save," and then "Checkout as Customer." This will bring you to a homepage where you can continue by clicking on the "Checkout" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Once inside the secure checkout screen, confirm shipping and billing information, select method of shipping, and any other relevant information that is requested. To enter credit card information, click the "Credit Card" button on the left of the page below the shipping methods.

The credit card entry screen asks for all the information you would expect it to, with "Cancel" and "Submit" buttons at the bottom.

Once you click "Submit" you are returned to the checkout page, where you can complete the order by clicking on the green "Place Order" button at the bottom right corner.

You will be taken to an order confirmation page which offers a link to a printable receipt, and that will conclude the process of checking out from a customer's cart!

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